Interviews of the Apocalypse – Chapter 14 (Town Layout)

After talking to Joe and Vicky, the apparent leaders of this town, they allowed me access to what can only be described as their town map. Their version was extensively detailed with planned extensions, zone labelling and future developments.

Below is the version I sketched out for my personal records to go along with the transcribed interviews. Find the map and the key below, forgive the crudeness. Townmap.png

1 – Town Hall
2 – Medical Centre
3 – Armoury
4 – Material Storage
5 – Vehicle Depot
6 – East Gate
7 – West Gate
8 – Town Wall
9 – Main Motorway
10 – Power/Water Supply
The grey blocks represent the residential areas
The dashed lines represent roads of various size

Currently, the the majority of the plumbing and electricity supply reside above ground as digging under the town is not recommended for the moment.

The armoury is mainly used for the safe storage of hunting and salvaging equipment to ensure no children can get into any trouble with their parent’s gear.

As I say, Joe and Vicky are in the process of appointing a town council. From there, they can move to naming the districts, the streets and the actual town itself. It’s surprising that this group has not yet named their new homes. Perhaps many of them don’t feel comfortable with putting down new roots somewhere just yet.


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