Interviews of the Apocalypse – Chapter 12 (Steve & Gary)

The following interview was transcribed from a recorded session

AA – “Good evening gentlemen, thank you for joining me. For the record please state your personal details.”

SH – “I’m Steve Homely, I’m seventy one years old and I’m from North of the border.”

AA – “Ah, a Scotsman, very rare indeed. And yourself sir?”

GH – “Hi, my name is Gary Homely, I’m seventy four years old and I’m from England.”

AA – “Another married couple? How wonderful, I’m glad to see some traditions haven’t fallen by the wayside.”

SH – “Some traditions are important, even the slightly newer ones.”

AA – “Quite so, quite so. Well, that makes an interesting starting point, when were the two of you married?”

GH – “Pre-Fall.”

SH – “Yeah, it was before all of this nonsense. We were married a good few year before the world went to shit as far as I can remember.”

GH – “I’ve got a similar recollection, it’s all we need really.”

AA – “I think now more than ever it’s important to remember love and how it brings us together.”

GH – “Agreed.”

AA – “So, talking pre-Fall, what was it the two of you did for a living?”

GH – “Well, I wasn’t up to much really. Bit of a musician, I don’t think I could ever settle on a job.”

SH – “He’d come home every week with a new passion, but he’d always come back to that guitar at some point.”

GH – “Unlike Mr Career over here. Some people are happy to settle for one life.”

SH – “I never settled dear, I just found a job I could do and stuck with it.”

AA – “And what job would that be?”

GH  – “Copper.”

SH – “Detective, actually. Or it was a few years before the Fall.”

AA – “Ah, interesting. Law enforcement. Do you remember much about it?”

SH – “Not particularly, although I remember the early days of walking a beat were much the same. Not much crime in our little village. They bumped me up to detective because the other bugger wanted to go somewhere more exciting and I’d been there the longest.”

GH – “There’s a little more to it than that but he doesn’t like to toot his own horn.”

SH – “I always had you for that, always bragging to everyone.”

AA – “You seem to be able to recall more than most about your previous lives.”

GH – “It’s…more of a feeling really.”

SH – “Yeah, sometimes we can remember old arguments we used to have quite often. That leads to some conclusions.”

AA – “Well, I bet your input was pretty valuable around here when you first turned up.”

SH – “Not really, no.”

AA – “Oh? And why was that?”

GH – “Have you looked outside lately? Not a criminal in these streets! There’s too much to do, no one has time. Plus no one possesses anything more than anyone else!”

SH – “That’s the way it should be, really. Plus that silly sod, Staff Sergeant Moron wouldn’t have liked one of ‘my types’ interfering with his perfect iron first of control here.”

GH – “Where has he gotten to lately anyway?”

AA – “On a related note, what did you two do after first coming out of hiding?”

SH – “Well, there were around fifty of us all told.”

AA – “Really? That many? That’s the first large group I’ve heard about leaving the same place.”

GH – “Well, it was mostly coppers and their families. There was a bunker-type-thing under the station that Steve was based in, I guess a lot of people got the same feeling we did ”

SH – “We all went out at the same time too. Just popped our heads out, the coast was clear, we left.”

AA – “What did you do when you first left?”

GH – “Well, we’ve been through quite a bit since then. Zombies, Corrupt, wild animals, you name i and we’ve survived i.”

AA – “Once again, you’re the first people I’ve spoken to who didn’t feel the need to find this place straight away.”

GH – “Don’t get me wrong, we were looking for somewhere to live.”

SH – “Yeah, we all went home at first, just to see what the situation was everywhere else. Most of us ended up coming back to the station before the end of the night. Nothing else really felt right.”

AA – “Interesting, did you all proceed as a group?”

GH – “There was safety in numbers at the time.”

SH – “Yeah, no kids in the group, just men and women. Tough people who knew what had to be done and how to do it. We didn’t think of vehicles at first, we mainly wanted to find some other survivors. A few hours later, we found the rest of our little group that hadn’t returned. Torn apart they were, a gruesome sight.”

GH – “Please don’t remind me, I still have trouble sleeping.”

SH – “Yeah…anyway we went back to the station after we found the bodies. We may have been a small village but we’d just received a large shipment of riot gear and a fancy APC to go along with it.”

GH – “We all geared up and rolled out. Didn’t take long before they found us.”

AA – “Please, feel free to gloss over the details if it makes you uncomfortable.”

SH – “Long story short, we survived the zombies with no more losses. We just avoided the cities for a while, must have been a few years. Next we encountered the Corrupt, shortly after that we found the army that was chasing them down. Most of the rest of our group signed up with them, haven’t heard from them since.”

GH – “So many promising lives lost.”

AA – “It was a terrible war.”

SH – “I thought there’d be an end to all that in this new world, but what else can you expect?”

GH – “After that we just kept driving, found a road, stuck to it, we ended up finding this town. The people didn’t need the riot gear but the van as come in handy for scouting a couple times.”

SH – “We were introduced to Boss when we arrived. I told him who we were and what we could do, he gave us some land, access to materials and a place in this new community.”

GH – “Steve lent a hand in developing some new laws for this town without being too restricting. he still advises now and again.”

AA – “And yourself?”

GH – “Jack of all trades, master of none I’m afraid. I can throw in with the best of them, but I don’t have a specific role.”

SH – “There’s always a demand for your services though.”

GH – “True enough, something always needs fixing or moving or placing or laying.”

AA – “There always will be. We seem to have covered most of the questions already, quite by accident. Ah, tell me, when did yo first feel the danger approaching?”

GH – “The world was falling apart at the seems, most people could see it coming a mile off.”

SH – “Lucky they built that bunker when they did really, it was only a year or so before the Fall. Politics were strained, war was inevitable. But I can’t remember exactly what made us go into hiding.”

GH – “I told you to stop blaming yourself.”

AA – “How do you mean?”

GH – “He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, this one.”

SH – “When you spend most of your life in public service, you tend to look after everything around you. I should have done something instead of just running away-”

GH – “Shut up you old fool, I keep telling you there was nothing any of us could have done. We couldn’t have just gone round the village warning people that something might be coming and we should all run and hide. We would have been locked up!”

SH – “I should still have put the word out somehow..”

AA – “I’m afraid I have to agree with your husband here Steven, most people would have laughed you off. Others may have taken your too seriously and begun a panic. In the end, it appears you did the right thing.”

SH – “I’ll always be thinking about it. Still, doesn’t interfere with my life here too much.”

AA – “That’s good to hear, we shouldn’t be burdened with memories of the past. Well I’d like to thank you gentlemen for joining me this evening, it’s been incredibly insightful.”

SH – “Any time.”

GH – “Our pleasure.”


Not many notes here.

Most interesting about this couple is the fact that they are a couple of the only people whose first instinct was not to seek out a specific place of residence. They were also survivors of encounters with zombies and the Corrupt. Though they did not go into details about their encounters with the various hazards of this new world, it did not feel right to push them on this subject.

The fact they emerged from hiding and proceeded as a group, however, is very promising indeed.


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