Interviews of the Apocalypse – Chapter 11 (Precluding The Fall)

Personal notes of Alex Ahmed

Topic – Topics contributing to The Fall

Time Period – Considered to be some 40 years precluding the Fall


There are thought to be many contributing factors to the Fall of humanity. I was lucky enough to find a lot of documents that survived the raiding and the purges following the early years of the Fall. There were many disturbing the reports to be found, I’ve made note here about the most likely causes.

Firstly, though these are not listed in an particular order, there were certain racial and religious global tensions. After several events associated with terrorists, many countries around the world began to become wary of other races, cultures and peoples following certain religion branches based on little more than hearsay, conjecture and rumours populated by mann power at the time. These  rumours led to countries developing more stringent entry procedures for immigrants fleeing war zones and some countries closed their borders altogether. Others left a union of many countries to pursue their own interests rather than supporting the greater good.

As well as this, the religious communities, for the most part, did not make the effort to improve the situation. A lot of the major and core religious communities began to demand certain rights and policies be made for their benefit instead of talking to and changing the minds of their enemies using peaceful means. This seemed to lead to even more animosity between religious and nonreligious people. In popular opinion, equality was key to the problem, however  some people and groups seemed to be more equal than others. A large amount of the global wealth was collected and hoarded by the very same people who were hiding behind a false image of charity and compassion.

Secondly comes, as it always does, financial greed and corruption. Currency, when it was first brought to many parts of the world by ancient civilisations and conquerors, was considered a great leap forward in advancing from barbarism. Don’t mistake my meaning here, corruption has existed so long as there has been material possessions Some people covet having more than others enough to abandon their morals and break the law. However, introducing a currency may have made the situation a lot worse.

Not including the wealth hoarded by the religious communities, there were reportedly around one hundred people in the world who controlled the majority of the public wealth. These people and companies often got this way by avoiding to local laws of the country’s they were based in, mainly avoiding taxes. This often led to economic difficulties for entire countries and regions, leading to job cuts, tax rises for the common public and general unrest. However, the leading bodies of governments and the people who were supposed to control these situations were often friends of those in financial power, and often turned their heads away from such atrocities for a favourable and generous donation to their own collection of wealth. This vicious circle eventually led to extreme civil unrest, prompting more action from the governments which never name in anything more than token form.

Thirdly, linking to the previous two problems, came global wars and tensions between countries. while it was often thought that World War 1 & 2 of the old age were fought for good and noble reasons, often times they were not. However, the new generations began to become more savvy with politics and global goings-on, and a lot of them were not simply convinced of the need to invade or pressure other countries for global security. Conspiracies and underhand dealings were becoming more common place as it became evident the majority of the public was either blindly following a cause out of ignorance or fighting those who did so.

On the surface of it, one country would invade another to ‘stop terrorists’ and the majority of people were quite happy to believe this and live in ignorance of the real situation. Others, however, were not so happy to believe this cover story. I won’t go into too much details here, as I could write entire books o the failings and greed of the petty-minded and crooked individuals, but I’ll try to summarise it as best I can.

One mans owns an oil-production company. The oil around the world begins to dry out, oil in civilised parts of the world becomes increasingly expensive to drill, meaning less money in the account of the man who owns the oil company. The man then learns that there is a lot of cheap oil to be found in less-stable parts of the world. The man then realises that tensions are high in this part of the world, and the other parts of the world are untrusting and hateful of the people who live there. The man knows how to exploit this, and luckily the same man who own the oil company just happens to own a newspaper with a rather large readership.

You can see where this tragic tale ends even from here. In summary, that man begins to stir up the local plebs in hatred of this other community who happen to be settled on his precious oil. The country is invaded by governments under pressure from their public and hungry for more black gold. If their support from home ever wanes, the newspaper this mysterious man owns just happens to begin stirring up the public again, often exploiting rumour and using extreme lies to sell their stories. In return, this man’s oil company gets exclusive drilling rights in this now-vacant and war-torn country. Greed.

In the end, as these things always do, it comes down to money. Simply greed was the main cause of the Fall. Every problem the world faced before the Fall can evidently be traced back to money. People hoarding vast amounts of wealth, not spending for fear of becoming second place to someone else, even with the knowledge that death is inevitable, regardless of the wealth you control. Companies building products that were designed to fail so their customers would buy a better model, moulding these people into the consumerist society they became befor their world came to an end.

it seems people were always fighting each other, everything around them designed to make each person hostile to another in some way. No opinion was harmless anymore, someone was always offended by something. Keeping opinions to yourself became commonplace, the governments and the businesses of the world began to take advantage more and more and the good people who followed the rules and lived their lives like they were supposed to often bore the punishment for other people’s greed and prejudices.

I will say no more on the matter, this is a topic about which I can get incredibly passionate. There were many, many reasons that led to the Fall. Money is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. Suffice to say that if humanity is to survive this trying time, they must change their ways


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