Interviews of the Apocalypse – Chapter 7 (SSgt Boros)

[I feel as though I should preface this chapter with a warning. Could be highly offensive.]

The following interview was transcribed from a recorded session.

AA – “Good afternoon Sergeant-”

SSgtB – “Staff Sergeant.”

AA – “Ah, my apologies. Staff Sergeant Boros, an interested surname.”

SSgtB – “Indeed.”

AA – “Ah, very well. For the record please state your personal details.”

SSgtB – “Staff Sergeant Boros, seventy three year old male, commander of militia forces.”

AA – “Militia forces?”

SSgtB – “The local soldiers who maintain town security, someone needed to take control and organise them.”

AA – “Don’t you think that’s a bit strong? It’s been a long time since there’s been a need for such a highly organised and regimented military force.”

SSgtB – “I disagree. After fighting new monsters since the First Fall, I know all to well what this town needs.”

AA – “Indeed. But it’s been years since the last-”

SSgtB – “All the more reason to be organised now. There’s definitely something coming.”

AA – “What makes you say-”

SSgtB – “There’s always something else. People keep arriving at this town, that idiot in charge keeps letting all sorts in. Can’t have every race in this town, I much prefer to keep things pure blooded.”

AA – “This does not seem to be a military garrison. I see a community of survivors, working together in-”

SSgtB – “I’ll stop you right there. I hear that shit every day, it doesn’t stop me. We’ve had a second chance to keep things pure from the start and I intend to make that the bottom line moving forward.

AA – “So you would deny entry to-”

SSgtB – “To all those I deem…harmful to this community. These people are mine to protect and I will do so with great tenacity. I did so overseas for this country many times.”

AA – “From the smile on your face, I can see you enjoyed that time.”

SSgtB – “Who wouldn’t? We knew what those people needed better than they did, we were stronger, better equipped, better trained. It was our right to take command.”

AA – “A sentiment you seem to have brought back with you.”

SSgtB – “Mind who you speak to here. I’ve been labelled a great many things in my time, I care for none of it. I only wish to make sure the right people are in charge.”

AA – “Yet you seem to support the local people here in charge of this town.”

(SSgtB snorts with derision)

SSgtB – “Pah, this rabble wouldn’t know hierarchy if it slapped them in the face. Which it soon just may.

AA – “Are you saying-”

SSgtB – “What you infer is your own business, now get on with it. My time is too important for this nonsense anyway.”

AA – “If you say so. Now-”

SSgtB – “Don’t get smart with me boy. I do what I must to preserve the purest of humanity here. You expect me to stand idle while weapons are being dished out all over town?”

AA – “That’s not quite how-”

SSgtB – “And now you drag me away from my daily duties for some poxy interview! I should have turned you away at the bloody gate, just another foreigner coming to our town, stirring trouble.”

AA – “Some would say we are all now foreigners in this new world.”

SSgtB – “Fools all of them. People like you are all the same, trying to twist the world to your own will. Playing with words, trying to be the best in the room. This gun on my hip tells you who’s in charge here, boy. Don’t forget it.”

AA – “Let’s proceed with the interview, you can continue running your own kingdom sooner and we’ll both be happier.”

SSgtB – “Mind your tongue.”

AA – “So, how did you get here?”

SSgtB – “I was born here you fool, what are you-”

AA – “Peace, Staff Sergeant, peace. I simply meant how did you arrive at this town?”

SSgtB – “Ah, well, yes. Same way many people did. With a group of survivors. They’re lucky I found them, they wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in the wild. Though they all seemed to disappear in to the town pretty quick.”

AA – “And when you arrived in the town, did you speak to Boss like the other?”

SSgtB – “Not quite, more like I told him how the situation would change. I would take control of the military aspect of the town and he could continue running the more mundane side of things.”

AA – “I must ask, why do you seem so hostile?”

SSgtB – “How dare you! People need to be put in their place, or they’ll never learn. I gave this town what it needed, they were letting anyone in. I had to…solve that problem.”

AA – “You evicted refugees?”

SSgtB – “Refugees have ever been the downfall of this country, and hardly our problem. I’m keeping things how they were before the Fall.”

AA – “But I thought you said we have a second chance now?”

SSgtB – “I did, a second chance to do things properly. Be safe, get rid of all foreigners and take back England for the English.”

AA – “I believe it was talk like that that led to our current predicament.”

SSgtB – “I think of it as a positive, we can start from scratch now. With the added advantage of knowing where things went wrong.”

AA – “Let’s move on, this is getting us nowhere.”

SSgtB – “Phft, typical. Just when you start to lose the argument-”

AA – “I thought you didn’t have time for such tangents.”

SSgtB – “Very well, have it your way.”

AA – “So, I usually ask what you did before the Fall but that’s fairly obvious here.”

SSgtB – “Quite so.”

AA – “Do you remember anything before the Fall?”

SSgtB – “Just that the country was going to shit, but it was getting back on track. I think a sensible political group had finally taken control, not some weak, lefty group intent of human rights and equality and other such nonsense.”

AA – “Did you have any family?”

SSgtB – “Not that I remember. No time for a wife and children in my line of work. Needless distractions.”

AA – “I thought you’d be in favour of keeping your bloodlines.”

SSgtB – “You can never be sure who’s been tainted. Other people would handle that anyway, I always was in a different league. Militaristic, a protector.”

AA – “Like an ant colony?”

SSgtB – “Eh?”

AA – “Any colonies are divided into two castes. Warriors and workers. You sound like you’re proposing a similar environment for humanity.”

SSgtB – “I don’t see why not, it works for them.”

AA – “Moving on from your solid grasp of human psychology. I feel as though I already know the answer to this next question, but what do you think caused the First Fall?”

SSgtB – “Any number of things. Though you can guarantee foreigners are to blame. Could be the gays, blacks, jews, chinks, anyone could be to blame. There was plenty going on at the time.”

AA – “Exactly the answer I was expecting. Well, thank you Staff Sergeant, I think that’s all I can about manage today.”

SSgtB – “Good, enough of my time has been wasted on this.”

AA – “Ah, before you go Staff Sergeant. I was wondering if you would be free tonight to give me a…tour of the outer fortifications. I noticed a few things on the way in that could use improvement.”

SSgtB – “I highly doubt it, but nonetheless. Meet me at the gate at midnight and we’ll tour. I can prove to you what I have done for this town.”


A few notes here, I usually do not include these types of interviews in my transcriptions, but I feel it is important to make a point here.

People like Boros are to blame for the Fall. That much, at least, is obvious to everyone who survived the Fall. People like Boros, with their attitude toward their fellow man and their behaviour toward these people, have no place in this new society. It is my job to ensure they do not pose a threat to the emergence of a new and hopeful world.

Racism, intolerance, hatred, bigotry, injustice, inequality. These words do not belong in this new world. People who embody these words should not have survived the Fall. I will say no more on the matter, it is my profound hope that you agree with me. Hopefully I have done my job well, and the world now exists without these scum to clog the works.

Boros did indeed give me a tour around his fortifications that night, they were impressive but hardly necessary. The resources could have been put to much better use but, alas, his job is now done. After a long conversation with him in private, I have ensured that Boros no longer poses a threat to this fresh community, nor it’s rather impressionable young.

I do what is necessary for the survival of humanity, and the victory of a new human society.


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